The Dargah of Hazrat Sufi Inayat Khan


The Dargah of Hazrat Sufi Inayat Khan


Hazrat Inayat KhanHazrat Inayat Khan

Hazrat Inayat Khan, a brilliant Indian musician, came to the West in 1910 at the behest of his Sufi teacher, Sayyed Muhammad Abu Hashim Madani, who charged him with a mission: to harmonize East and West with the music of his soul.

He had dedicated his early life to the mastery of the subtle intricacies of classical Indian music under the tutelege of his grandfather Moula Baksh, a musical giant who had integrated the Hindustani and Karnatic musical traditions of Northern and Southern India. While barely in his twenties, Inayat Khan received the highest recognition and honors for his artistic accomplishments.  

He was initiated by Abu Hashim Madani in the four main Sufi lineages in India, though his primary connection was with the Chishti Order.

On September 13, 1910 he began an odyssey which would encompass three continents and transform thousands of lives. He traveled continually in Europe and the United States, first learning about Western culture and mentality, and then conveying the traditional Sufi teachings in a universal form. He eventually settled in Suresnes, a suburb of Paris, where he held annual summer schools. During sixteen years in the West, he created a school of spiritual training. His school is infused with a revolutionary vision, a vision of the unity of religious ideals and the awakening of the human spirit to its inherent divinity.